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Visitor centre closed for the season

The Port Renfrew Visitor Centre is closed for the season and will reopen in May 2023. Visitors still have access to Wifi and washrooms near the centre. If you have any inquiries or questions please reach out to hello@myportrenfrew.ca

Visitor Centre

Welcome to Port Renfrew! The Port Renfrew Visitor Information Centre offers free wifi, washrooms, visitor services, and phone access. Come say hi and grab a map, or learn about the area. Our centre is located at 17151 Parkinson Rd B Building, Port Renfrew.

Visitor-Centre in Port Renfrew
Surfing + Port Renfrew


Discover amazing places and things to do in Port Renfrew. With plenty of areas to explore, including a trail next to giant trees, crystal clear tide pools, and gorgeous beaches. You’ll love your time in Port Renfrew, B.C.

Try-Food-in-Port-Renfrew + Restaurants


Port Renfrew is a choice destination for culinary adventurers looking to experience West Coast cuisine. You’ll find a pleasant collection of farm to table restaurants, pubs, eateries, homestyle cuisine, and pizzarias.

Soule Creek Lodge + Accommodations + Port Renfrew


Your next West Coast adventure awaits in Port Renfrew! Explore the area after an overnight stay in one of the many lodging options in the area, including secluded cottages and private cabins with beautiful water views.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Free WiFi in the area?

Currently, the Port Renfrew Visitor Information offers free wifi. There are several restaurants in the area that also offer wifi. 

Where can I throw away my garbage?

Due to the limited garbage cans in Port Renfrew, please take your garbage with you and leave no trace.

How do I find the Port Renfrew Visitor Centre?

This map offers directions to the newly established Port Renfrew Visitor Information Centre. We are located at 17151 Parkinson Rd B Building, Port Renfrew, BC V0S 1K0