Planning on travelling to Port Renfrew?

Plan ahead so you can travel safely and responsibly.

Respect the Local Community

Respect, acknowledge and learn about the traditional and ancestral territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation, on whose land Port Renfrew, Port San Juan, and the tributaries of the Gordon, and San Juan River estuaries sit. As a guest visiting Pacheedaht First Nation territory, you share a responsibility to care for the land and to be mindful of the environmental footprint you leave.

 There is Limited cellphone service in Port Renfrew. 

Reception is quite spotty on the way to Port Renfrew and once you arrive there is no reception. Make sure to download your maps including our Port Renfrew map. You can also connect to the free Wi-Fi hotspots in the following locations: Visitor Information Centre, Government Dock/ Renfrew pub area, Bridgeman’s, Beach Camp area (by the kid’s park) and Pacheedaht North Campsite.

The weather can change quickly.

Because Port Renfrew is nestled along beautiful coastlines and surrounded by ancient rain forests, the weather can be quite damp and rainy. Be sure to pack layers, a rain jacket and a pair of good hiking boots. Overall, packing all weather clothing is the safest bet for your trip. 

Pack in and pack out.  

Due to the limited garbage cans in Port Renfrew, please take your garbage with you and leave no trace.

When nature calls 

When you are in Port Renfrew there are limited public washrooms unless you are a patron of a restaurant or are staying at an accommodation. Public washrooms can be found at the Visitor Centre or Botanical Beach.


Drive cautiously.

The roads into Port Renfrew are windy and can be slick during the wintertime, as well, parts of the highway are currently under construction. Make sure to check the road conditions before you leave and give yourself extra time on your way up to Port Renfrew. It also doesn’t hurt to let someone know where you are going! 

Gas or charge up.

As you make your journey to Port Renfrew, have a full tank of gas as there are only a few gas stations (or none, depending on which way you come) until you get into Port Renfrew. When you arrive, there is a gas station called The Pit Stop. Please note: the gas pump has broken down in the past, so make sure to have a back up plan or extra fuel. Got an electric vehicle? No problem, there are charging stations at the community hall near the post office.

Bring what you need.

Port Renfrew also has a small general store with limited essential grocery supplies, be sure to pack what you need! In terms of restaurants, there are several fantastic restaurants in Port Renfrew, but keep in mind many of them are closed during the winter, so it’s best to check hours before you come.

Signage is limited 

Due to the limited signage, it can be difficult to find the exact location you are looking for. Make sure to plan your trip before you go and be sure to check out our Food & Drink, Accommodations and Things to Do pages!